Terrorism & Counterterrorism

  • Train Homeland Defense Professionals on the trend of contemporary Terrorism taking into consideration the historical trail of terrorism.
  • Predictive Analytics of Terrorism
  • Counterterrorism Strategy – Preemptive/Proactive/Reactive analytics based on historical antecedents.
  • Terrorism in the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st Century – Replication analytics based on ideology, motivation, campaign strategy, strategy and tactics, target preferences, recruitment style, and fund raising etc.
  • Illicit Marketplaces: Commodities and the players
  • Terrorism Financing Framework – comprehensive analytics.
  • Terrorism stakeholders – Terrorism exacerbation in a given geopolitical area: “The foot soldiers and the paymasters”
  • Illicit Finance & Terrorism exacerbation (Holistic Approach)
  • Anti-money Laundering (Holistic Approach)
  • Narco Terrorism/Criminal marketplace
  • Weapon or Equipment Acquisition
  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment/Characterization of potential targets (School, Recreation Areas, Hotels, Movie Theatres etc.,)
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD – CBRN) Analytics & Int’l Mandates


  • Cyber Attacks and Critical Infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure analytics
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyberterrorism and Business Survivability
  • System Integrity Monitoring
  • Security Configuration Management
  • Vulnerability & Risk Management
  • Incident Detection & Investigation
  • Cyberterrorism and National Security
  • Cyber Attacks and the actors
  • Cyber weapons
  • Taxonomy of Cyber weapons (Awareness Training for Employees)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Asset Discovery

International Security Environment & Int’l Relations

  • Help countries to design and implement country-specific national security strategies based upon international practices and changing international security environment.
  • Engage with foreign partners to help shape their policies and actions in the security sector
  • Design, develop, and support policy implementation based upon contemporary immigration and custom practices.
  • Evaluate multiple analytical efforts that are related to major and ongoing national security investigations
  • International political system and the key players

Executive Services

International Services for Executives and Families

Executive Secret Service (ESS)


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