Terrorism: Historical Brief - WWI

Terrorism is complex and dangerous

Historically, we can recall how the emergence of the Black Hand, a terrorist organization in the 20th Century transformed into World War I….Read what happened…

The ‘Black Hand’ or what was popularly called Udejinjenje ili Smrt, meaning unity or dead, was a terrorist organization formed by the Bosnian Serbs who had been agitating for self-governance or independence, if you will, from Austro-Hungarian empire. The struggle led to the formation of the secret organization. The Serbian “black hand” terrorist group attacked and killed Archduke Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary and his wife in 1914. Germany supported Austro-Hungary in retaliation against Serbia and eventually took advantage of the crisis to attack France and later Russia. In a couple of months Britain, Italy, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, the United States were all involved in the conflict, which turned out to be WWI and lasted for 4 years.

Thomas Jefferson said, “ If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be.” Train Your People…

Terrorists are becoming much more sophisticated. The United States would not be in the global war it is embroiled in today, if terrorists were simplistic incompetent individuals. “Fools do not make serious opponents.” Terrorists are highly competent covert operators.


The best way to protect your homeland from terrorism is to ensure a strong and capable domestic counterterrorism enterprise and to understand the continuing nature of the terror threat.

As men do not live by bread alone, Terrorists do not fight, humiliate, or terrorize their victims with armaments alone

***Rape is an instrument of terror – Apart from kidnapping and raping and Killing of young girls, Boko Haram are now engaged in the exportation of Human body Parts. Body Parts of their victims. ISIS is committing even more barbaric havoc on girls, women, and children.
***In Mexico, Drug traffickers raped women and have extended and added the kidnapping and trafficking of young girls and women to their illicit activities.
***The Spanish Conquistadors were known to have used rape as a weapon against Native American women – Soldiers and terrorists used to assault women in conquered places.


Many terrorists operate for the simple thrill of terrifying, intimidating, humiliating, and coercing vulnerable populations, most disturbingly raping women. Thousands of Muslim girls and women have endured horrifying sexual degradation, sometimes repeatedly, and often as a prelude to torture or a bullet to the head – something most of the terrorists replicated from Bosnian serbs during Bosnia and Herzegovina armed conflict between 1992 and 1995. Mexican Drug Cartels and traffickers raped and tortured women and young girls in their homes.
***According to Borislav Herak from a Bosnian military prison in Sarajevo, “we were told we would fight better if we raped the women…We were ordered to rape so that our morale would be higher.”
***Herak, a twenty-one-year-old Serbian soldier, admitted that he went on a six-month rampage of sexual assault, throat-slitting, and machine-gunning in the summer  and fall of 1992…and selected his victims from an ever-changing supply of Muslim girls and women kept at the Sonja Café near Sarajevo, an alleged rape camp…He claimed that he killed thirty-five and raped Sixteen.
***Rasema, a thirty-three-year-old mother who resisted a gang rape in front of her two daughters. Her Serbian attackers reportedly threatened, “we will cut out your teeth! Do you want us to slaughter your children, to watch us cutting them into pieces, piece after piece?”

U.S. Homeland Security is RECONFIGURED to Inhibit ‘Historical Imagination Failures’

These are the major reasons why the U.S. Government is taking steps to severe, harden its Homeland Security and Immigration policies to protect U.S. citizens, especially girls, women, and children from horrifying and terrifying extremists, killers, human butchers, bombers, rapists, drug addicts, illicit financiers, and diverse enemies of the country.

We must not underrate the enemy. He is powerful and cunning and cruel and ruthless. He will stop at nothing which gives him a chance to kill and destroy” (Franklin Roosevelt, 1942) his Nineth Annual Message to Congress, a month after Pearl Harbor

Cyber Security

The U.S. national security strategy 2010 stated “the very technologies that empower us to lead and create also empower those who would disrupt and destroy” (p. 27).


Tomorrow’s terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb

                                                     -NRC Report, 1991


Since thousands of personal computers can be linked up to perform a common operation … an Information Warfare victory will very likely be determined by which side can mobilize the most computer experts…

                                  -Cyber War Expert Wang Xiadong

For any country to remain attractive to sophisticated investors, homeland security must be lifted above the level of uncertainty: A dynamic and smarter homeland security environment attracts Investors



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